The downloadable PDFs below contain images relevant to the topics of each title and include material not depicted in the books. The content is necessarily limited at the current time but hopefully will grow as more discoveries are made. Suggested contributions from visitors to this website are welcomed and, if used, will be gratefully acknowledged.


People and Places: Richard and Thomas Prosser - family and descendants

Rescuing Richard Images

The Chunk and Vesta Stoves

"Prosser's Patent" Agate Button

Early Minton Dust-Pressed Tessellated Pavements (mosaic and geometric) (Revised 08-12-2022)

Early Minton Dust-Pressed Wall Tiles (Revised 09-12-2022)

Some Early Minton Secular Encaustic Pavements

Tubes: A few additional images

1855 Library Catalogues

1854 Tube Works Catalogue Days 1 to 3

1854 Tube Works Catalogue Days 4 and 5

Images of Catalogues all reproduced with the permission of the Library of Birmingham: ref. L78.1PRO/279287)